What is Margo Warehouse
Margo Warehouse offers on-demand storage solutions at key locations within the UAE, for both short or long-term commitments that match your business needs.
How can I start using Margo Warehouse
Share your storage requirements to receive quotes from our storage providers at a competitive rate. Choose a preferred provider and book your storage space accordingly, all under one platform.
Who are Margo Warehouse users
Business owners and individuals who require inventory or goods storage can benefit from using Margo Warehouse.
What are the items that I can store with Margo Warehouse
You can store various types of items, including: Medical equipment Agricultural equipment Construction equipment Office supplies Commercial retail goods (fashion, accessories, personal care, store inventory, etc.) Finished goods Furniture items Dried, packed and canned foods
What are the items I cannot store with Margo Warehouse
Dangerous goods
Personal effects
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