What is Margo Freight?
Margo Freight is a digital platform that allows you to ship and deliver personal, auto, container, and other cargo via air and sea from any global location to the UAE and vice versa, straight to your receiver's doorstep. 
How can I start using Margo Freight?
Our service is easy to use:
1. Register/log in
2. Provide your shipment details
3. Upload relevant documents
4. Submit a request for a quote
5. Choose the best quote and preferred shipping provider 
6. Pay a 50% down-payment and confirm your request

Once you confirm your request, the service provider will pick up the cargo from the selected location, ship it to the chosen destination, and process the final payment.
Who can use Margo Freight?
Margo Freight enables individuals and businesses to deliver cargo by air and sea: 
- Business owners can ship their products directly to their customers 
- Business owners can ship items from a supplier to a warehouse and build inventory 
- Individuals can make door-to-door imports of personal items such as cars, household items, large furniture, or appliances
How does Margo select shipping providers
We only partner with shipping providers that offer world-leading service standards and have a track record of success and safety in cargo delivery. If you would like to register as a supplier please click here.
Where can I transport my cargo to upon receiving it at Khalifa Port or Abu Dhabi International Airport?
You can transport your cargo to any location within the UAE.
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